The Importance of Secure Hosting for your Website

Your website is continually under cyber attack.
How long until your current host loses the battle? 

  • Cyber attack damage is costly, not to mention customer retention issues that can arise from a serious attack
  • Move your site to more secure and hosting
  • Hosting includes: setup, SEO, continual monitoring and security updates for most sites
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) available for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser
  • Experienced web hosting and design firm

As we see in the news everyday, internet hackers, both domestic and foreign, are aggressively attacking all websites for data, unlike ever before. Repairing hacked sites can be very expensive, especially if your customers conduct business there. At LAM.AGENCY, we continually up our aggressiveness in protecting all the sites we host with the latest software and security updates, individually reviewing sites daily- yes, all sites are attacked daily.

In the rare instance a hacker does get through, your site is immediately taken offline to stop and contain the damage. We immediately alert the site owner and can let them know the extent of damage to get the site secure and back online. Because we can catch those instances immediately the damage is small. We continually host new clients who have self-hosted or use small programmers to host their sites but who have been attacked for days before ever even discovering the problem. So much damage has been done the rebuilds are costly- not to mention their customer retention issues after a disastrous attack.

We also back up website files daily so if your site is compromised, we can easily restore the site to the most recent backup.

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